Writing and Roses


It’s nearly end of week 2 of my writer’s residency in Marnay sur seine, France.

I’ve enjoyed the local cuisine and libations. You can’t beat fresh champagne from the Champagne Ardenne region southeast of Paris.

During these two weeks, I’ve worked on the outline and plot points for my second middle grade manuscript. I’ve sent in submissions of the first to publishers.

And in the French countryside with few distractions, I’ve taken time to listen to the birds sing, to listen to the frogs do what they do, and to watch the dance of the sky. Spring unfolds through vibrant awakening flowers.

Taking the time to walk the grounds of CAMAC and to witness the rebirth of roses and irises is heavenly. Centre d’Art Marnay Art Centre has carved out a space for artists.

ADD Photo white roses and purple irises and me yesterday, a vision in blue

Lora, What does this quiet time have to do with writing, you may ask?


When a writer peers into his or her brain to unlock imagination, we may find tangled wires stemming from thoughts of the day’s tasks, wondering what last night’s argument really meant, pondering what to have for dinner. You get the picture. It isn’t until we relax and join the beauty of the moment that we are free to enter the wonder of a space of creativity.

So, to turn from book 1 of The Stupendous Adventures of Mighty Marty Hayes to book 2 is a daunting, yet freeing task.

The page is blank, but will soon be filled with lively 12-year-olds ready to use their superpowers, science and spy gadget smarts to bring more light into the world.

A’ bientot!  I’ve got a flower to nurture.