Marnay sur Seine, France Musings

I have completed week one of my month-long writer’s residency here in Marnay sur Seine, France.

It is very much an artist’s paradise. Located along the Seine river, with a 12th century church bell tolling the hour and the half hour, wildlife of all sorts play inches from the balcony of the room where I am writing. I appreciate the time and space to write surrounded by natural beauty. The Centre d’art Marnay Art Centre (CAMAC) has a storied history here, welcoming artists from all over the world.

A visit to the new Musee’ Camille Claudel in tiny Marnay sur Seine reveals the depth of the talent that have strolled these streets. Claudel was a talented sculptress and her one-time lover, Paul Godin, was renowned for his poetry, sculpture and writings. Claudel was the archetypical tortured artist, with a stay in an insane asylum spanning decades. A story worth researching.

I strolled past the former family home of French ecrivain (writer) Gustave Flaubert (1921-1880), known for Madame Bouvary, among other works.

A simple walk down the street from CAMAC unveils glimpses of the old life, providing inspiration around every corner. Residents of the town have chosen to keep much of the old stone architecture, with simple updates of shutters and windows, giving one a feel of residing in another century.

My middle grade manuscript No. 1 is out on submission (seeking an agent or publisher). Manuscript No. 2 is underway here in France.

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Au revoir!