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Lessons learned on the eve of our change of power

We, the people. In addition to existing as a memorable preamble to our U.S. Constitution, these words were repeated by outgoing president Barack Obama in his final address. President Obama sought to remind us to become “jealous guardians of our democracy” and that “for all of our outward differences, we all share an important title: […]

My view from the trenches: the journey to publication in children books

As a professional writer, book lover and mom of an only son, I’ve read my share of children books.  So, I began a serious journey in mid-2016 to become a writer of children books.  And I’m feeling like an intern again.  I’m learning a new business: the publishing world. I remind myself to keep my […]

Post Election: Let Us Not Grow Weary

I woke up to the headline in my local newspaper: Trump Wins. After my scream, I realized God is still in control and the sun will come up every morning. Then I tuned into Hillary Clinton’s concession speech. Grace personified, clad in purple. How do we get the color purple, my favorite color? We blend […]