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Are business soft skills your weakness? Bolster them. Your career depends on it

Business writing skills.  Effective communication. Negotiation 101. Team dynamics. These are all crucial ‘soft skills’ that make or break careers. Arguably, effective business writing is the most critical soft skill to master. Our careers begin with a strong foundation of technical skills that presumably strengthen over time. Yet, it’s the business soft skills that go […]

Imagine: A World of Diverse Books

I’m on a journey. A journey to become a young adult novelist. On the surface, this appears to be a unique journey for someone who has spent her career as a journalist, marketing communications manager, and public relations and marketing firm entrepreneur. Open further examination, one will find all is in perfect alignment. Many of […]

Sabbatical Reflections

I’ve completed a two week writers’ residency at the Noepe Center for Literary Arts in Edgartown, Martha’s Vineyard, Mass. In a sense, my departure from my normal corporate routine was a sabbatical. As I sit on the island 24 hours away from returning to Wisconsin, here are my reflections. Hopefully, this will resound with anyone […]

Kandinsky and Munter, a love story

I loved the book from the first reading. Now that I’ve re-read it, I appreciate it even more. Saving Kandinsky, a brilliant first novel by Milwaukee author, Mary Basson is about the connection between leading German Expressionist artist Wassily Kandinsky and his student and long-time lover, Gabriele Munter. The book is set in the 20th […]

A Writer’s live reading: both a humbling and gratifying experience

Do you hear that sound? That’s a sigh of relief. I’m very grateful to Swedish author Astrid Lindgren and British author Roald Dahl. Tonight, I had a reading of my young adult novel to a live audience of my fellow writers attending the Martha’s Vineyard Writers’ Residency, and many members of the community who generously gave […]

Creative writing is hard work, a joy, and a gift

I’ve reached the end of week one in my Writer’s Residency at the Noepe Center for Literary Arts in Edgartown, Martha’s Vineyard, Mass. I plan to join several of the ten writers, who ventured from various parts of the world to work on their creative writing, in a community reading tomorrow night. Over meals and […]

How my creative writing fuels me

I’m writing this from a lovely sun-filled room in a massive Bed and Breakfast, turned inspirational writer’s retreat, on a bright, sunny day in Edgartown, Mass. on Martha’s Vineyard. I’m an entrepreneur and I’ve just completed a six month project at Northwestern Mutual, a global leader in life insurance, annuities, and more. So, why am […]

Why successful businesswomen should use the power of storytelling

Share secrets of your corporate or entrepreneurship climb to inspire women On a cold winter day last weekend, 1,000 women and maybe 20 men, made their way to a conference in Cambridge, Mass.  They willingly made the trek in the aftermath of perhaps the worst winter storms in the history of weather record-keeping. The occasion […]

Marshawn Lynch: Is it simply a fear of public speaking?

Public speaking is still the No. 1 fear of North Americans. No. 2 is fear of death. While watching the Green Bay Packers defeat the Dallas Cowboys to advance to the NFC Title Game, my friend and neighbor began joking about Seattle Seahawks’ Marshawn Lynch and his approach to media interviews. It’s clear from Lynch’s […]