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Vive la France!

Don’t mistake this for a political message. I’m writing this from Marnay sur Seine, France on the eve of the French election.                I’ve been awarded an international artist residency at the Centre d’Art Marnay Art Centre located in a village of about 250, an hour and a half southeast of Paris. For one month, […]

Why I March…On the journey toward children book publication

The journey of getting one’s children’s book published is filled with anticipation, excitement and downright disillusionment. I’ve never taken ‘no’ for an answer, so I focus on the blessings to date. I’m submitting to agents and getting rejections, so I’m closer to acceptance of my middle grade manuscript! For those who have passed on the […]

Lessons learned on the eve of our change of power

We, the people. In addition to existing as a memorable preamble to our U.S. Constitution, these words were repeated by outgoing president Barack Obama in his final address. President Obama sought to remind us to become “jealous guardians of our democracy” and that “for all of our outward differences, we all share an important title: […]

Post Election: Let Us Not Grow Weary

I woke up to the headline in my local newspaper: Trump Wins. After my scream, I realized God is still in control and the sun will come up every morning. Then I tuned into Hillary Clinton’s concession speech. Grace personified, clad in purple. How do we get the color purple, my favorite color? We blend […]

Seven Tips of Wisdom for Writers: Best-selling author Jane Hamilton

* Held on an unseasonably warm Fall Saturday among the rolling hills of the University of Wisconsin-Waukesha, the 7th annual Southeast Wisconsin Festival of Books didn’t disappoint. Best-selling author Jane Hamilton delivered the Saturday morning keynote, imparting words of wisdom every writer needs to hear. Hamilton grew up in Oak Park, Ill., and now lives […]

SCBWI-WI conference celebrates 25th anniversary; Illustrator Vanessa Brantley Newton delivers compelling keynote

Writers and authors who attended the Society of Children Book Writers and Illustrators 25th anniversary conference were in for a special treat. We listened attentively to the wisdom of top national publishing representatives, including from Balzer + Bray, a Harper Collins imprint and Simon & Schuster. Top literary agents were also represented, along with smaller […]

Writer Residencies: Time. Space. Create.

I’ve just returned from a two week writers residency at Noepe Martha Vineyard Center for Literary Arts.  Ten strangers entered the 10-bedroom wing of an old whaling mansion in Edgartown, Martha’s Vineyard, Mass.  Ten writers and authors with mutual respect for one another were birthed. Director Justen Ahren chooses among 300 fall applicants and selects […]

Artists as Light Bearers

As I sit in a sun-filled room hundreds of miles from home, I’m reminded that writers and artists of all types are light bearers in times of despair and unease. In a world of 24-hour commerce and one-upmanship, where would we be without art? I’m attending a two week writers residency at the Noepe Martha […]