Advice to budding authors: Give Back

As I reflect on my journey toward publication of my middle grade children manuscript, I realize that this community is unlike any other I’ve encountered during my 30-plus year career. Workshops, conferences, residencies all offer settings to find your tribe. Easy conversations begin with, “what are you writing?” and end with opportunities for writing or critique partners, resource referrals and insights to a path to successful publication.
I’m finding that volunteering my time to present a workshop or staff a booth at conferences, to help my fellow published authors sell books, has provided me with keen marketing insights. Authors sharing personal highs and lows provided me with valuable information about the publishing business. Perhaps my biggest aha moment came while standing in a kitchen thousands of miles abroad comforting a distraught artist. She cried that in the midst of a world gone mad, art is meaningless. Quite the contrary, I said. Hours later, I realized I had convinced myself.
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